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Top 4 Christian Things Expecting Moms should Do To Stay Mentally Strong

If you are an expecting mother filled with fear, worry, exhaustion and anxiety because of all the things you're feeling with your pregnancy. Fear No more.

I want to remind you that 2 Timothy 1:7 - For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. The most important to meditate on this scripture is Fear is spirit that DOES Not Come from God. God gives us power, love and a sound mind.

In order to conquer what you are feeling, it first starts in your mind.

In my fourth pregnancy, with my daughter I had a lot of complications and I was placed on mild bed rest. I became used to doctors giving me bad news, however from what I experienced in my last two pregnancies I wasn't giving into the fear and worry. I trust God to get me through what I was dealing with. During my third trimester I went into the doctor's office just to get a sonogram. My doctor told me she was admitted immediately to do baby’s iron and something I had called placenta accreta. When they told me this I was not accepting to be there for 2 weeks. ( yes stay in the hospital for 2 weeks before giving birth) Yikes, In the middle of Christmas season. The Doctors decided it was best to have c- sections. It was a life- death situation. My baby was born at 33 weeks at only 4 pounds.

During those two weeks in the hospital It started to bring up a lot of different emotions. I was there by myself, I couldn't leave the room, it was boring, I missed my family, and felt lonely. I was annoyed with nurses and doctors coming in all the time. Even though I felt this way, I wanted to keep my spirit high.

I have these four things in mind.

1. Prayer. Having a loving conversation with God.

I prayed and had a conversation with God daily, Nurse looked at me like I was crazy, but I didn't care that talking with God brought peace and comfort. Prayer is the most important part of your faith: I was very blessed to have a great Teacher, Minister La’Tanyha Boyd who taught a class on how to be a prayer warrior. I thought this was only given to special people, but when I ask God to strengthen my prayer life and be a prayer warrior. He gave me what I asked for, because of her teaching on prayer. I learn so much and my faith and relationship with God has grown.

I want to first say this, do not compare your prayer life to anyone else. The enemy will have you thinking that you don't know how to pray, you don't like praying in public, or you feel like prayer is super timid. Stop Mama ! The enemy is lying to you. Philippians 4:6 Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. Everyone can pray. Prayer is communication with God, talking to you and you talking to him. Over time in your prayer life, the Holy spirit will speak to you regarding things you need to address in your prayer. Such a thankfulness, confession/ forgiveness, Asking, hearing , and proclaiming God’s words in your.

During those two weeks in the Hospital, I talked to God so much, instead of randomly watching things on T.V I asked him so many questions. I ask him for help, healing, protections, decisions, corrections, confession/ forgiviness etc.

2. Read your Bible.

Read a passage slowly and carefully within the bible.

If you are a first time mom , a mom who is on bed rest, the best thing you can do is a lot of reading, especially reading your bible. Pray about what God wants you to read and take time to really study them.

Here are some great books to read: Psalm, Proverbs, Job, Esther, Act, and James . These are some great places to start , but the entire bible is beneficial for your growth. There is a great Acronym I use when I taught Sunday School with young adults. It's called SOAP. This is simple.

Scripture: Write down the what you are studying from.
Observation: What are you curious about and What did you learn?
Applications: How are you going to apply this to your life? Write 3 goals to accomplish that.
Pray- Something we talked about in the very beginning. Speak to God about what you have learn.

3. Remembrance

I love reflecting on this! Remembering what God has done, think about your life, think back to times when you struggled and God was there, think about things you know God is going to do. This is such a confidence booster t and keeps your focus back on Him. Another great thing is remembering your identity in Christ and what that means and reflecting on it daily. You can do this by making declarations, affirmations and proclaiming God’s word.

For example

Declare Who you are
Affirm it and repeat is over and over again
Proclaim it will come to pass

4. Journaling/ Coloring Sheet

Lastly, I love to talk about journaling because this will definitely help you with your mental health. No matter how you journal, dooling, video, audio, drawing, moving etc. Write and share everything that God reveals to you. Write down everything these are your thoughts, your feelings, your ideas and views and that mean so much to God. The two journals that I love are ones from treasure inc and fitformore, because they focus on encouraging you by showing you that you are beautiful inside and out.

Bonus Tip:

Have pictures, quotes and other things that mean a lot around you that will keep you encouraged. For me when I was in the hospital, my older children sent me a card and wrote beautiful notes to me and it really made me happy and felt so loved.

Stay encourage mom.

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