Self -Care: Your God-given Purposes

Updated: Feb 8

Self-care God ways when is essential to our well being to get deeper into why God made us. What is our calling on this earth? Well, to know this, we need to spend time with our heavenly father. We can discover our purpose on this earth. God wrote a plan for each of our lives( believers and unbelievers) because we are still His children, and He loves us dearly. He has instilled in us goodness and hope.

When we discover our purpose, we learn who we are in Christ. The bible has countless stories of imperfect people. Yet God still had a purpose and calling on their lives, regardless of their mess, their fears, their sins, even their self-esteem.

It is hard to pinpoint our purpose, but I firmly believe that when we take time to spend time with God and prioritize our self-care, we can start to get to know ourselves more. It is most important you begin to get to know God more. John 15 says, “ Remain in me, and I will remain in you. A branch cannot produce fruit alone but must remain in the vine ( vine a line connected to the plant or tree). I am the vine, and you are the branches. If you remain in me and remain in you, they produce much fruit, but they can not do anything without me. If we don’t take the time to remain in Jesus, those feelings of loss, fear, worry, questions of who am I start to appear. This is why it is so essential, friends, to make self-care a priority and put God as number one on your daily list.

Are you Worry about the future? Are you spending a lot of time wondering if things are going to get better? Friends, I had these feelings. My personality is about planning and being prepared. If I am not prepared, I am full of worry, but God taught me something that He is entirely in control of during this pandemic. I had my whole six months plan out for the year, but it was washed away when Corovirus came. I didn’t understand, and it wasn’t like I didn’t talk to God about my plans. God wanted me to realized He is entirely in control and prepares the way. He does this without warning because He wants us to trust him and not rely on our understanding. His ways are always right. I didn’t know, but during this pandemic, God blessed me with getting closer to my family, working problems out with my family, then blessed me with another baby soon come wow!

God still has a particular purpose for your life. He didn’t create us for misery or suffering, yet that is the world we live in. He made us to do good works and to prosper, not to suffer. It doesn’t mean life will be easy. Life is about discipline when circumstances and situations happen. We should lean into God.

How can God turn my misery into God?

You may have the opportunity to help someone else going through a similar situation, or God wants truly to heal what is rooted inside your heart. When we give God our full attention, He will show us our true identity physically and spiritually. What we believe who was has a significant impact. An essential thing about God to learn is that He fills us with stories that affirm our new identity in Christ Jesus. He renews our minds with the truth of His word. God is continuously speaking over us, such as “You are mine, you belong to me, and your life has to mean.” Read 2 Peters 1:3

Defining individual purpose

We find hints of our purpose in the things that we do that come naturally, such as gifts, talents, skills, activities, or what people affirm in you. Through this, we can discover our God-given purpose during this moment. God created you on purpose and for a purpose. Your purpose God as given you will always align up in serving the kingdom of God. There is a plan only you can complete.

1 Corthianisn 10- IF you do anything, do it all for the glory of God

Acts 1:8- when the Holy Spirt comes to you, you will receive power

Colossians 3:2b - Think only about the things in heaven, not the things on earth. Your old sinful self has died, and your new life is kept with Christ in God.

When purpose feels deferred:

God intended purpose for our lives is for us to succeed and to be blessed. However, when we feel that your purpose has been put on hold, it can feel lonely and uncertain. We have to remember whose timeline we are on. For example, David, a boy who was anointed as king by a prophet (Samuel 1 & 2 Samuel) David young age, was being developed. He was spiritually matured to sit on the throne. This is true for us as well. We might ask, “ Is this what I am supposed to do.” This means God wants to do some work in us so He can do mighty works through us. Here is how you realized the purpose God has for you.

Here is how we can realize the purpose God has for us

God will develop your character to fulfill your purpose over time. Growth and maturity are essential to stepping into our God-given purpose. Our role is to activate our faith and to trust God’s process.

1 Samuel 16: 7

1 Corinthians 2:9

The preparation is mysterious and secretive for everyone. I think this is because the enemy wants to know- so he can destroy, but he can’t. I believe prayer worship, fasting, and declaring the word of God will help us defeat the enemy’s plan, and God’s power is a display for all to see.

1 Peter 2:9

Purpose feels out of reach.

Disappointments, setbacks make us feels out of reach. This is the perfect time during self-care to seek out God regarding our purposes. God doesn’t waste anything. Those setbacks will turn into blessings or even God’s plan for our lives. The setback and challenges we try to avoid don’t disqualify us. So what to do?

  1. Remember God’s spirit lives inside of us ( John 15:16AMP)

  2. Remember that His graces cover our mistakes, and shortcoming will be turned around.

  3. When we fail/ fall short, God picks up back up every time.

Living on Purpose

We are to live intentionally. What does that mean? Intentions mean something you want to honor or focus on during a certain amount of time. It is not focused on particular outcomes, but It’s building awareness for something.

It’s important to remember that purpose does not start/ stop at a certain point in our life. Every moment is on purpose for our purpose. Our lives are always filled with busyness. However, friend, I encourage live our life filled with God-given purpose.

Peace and Blessings


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