Self Care God's Way

Updated: Feb 16

We all have our interpretation of what self-care is. We hear what the media tells us, or we listen to it from other blogs. I believe the self-care issues are the questions on whether self cares a want or is self-care what we need. Also, I think we can do this in God’s way. The world tells us to get self-focused, but we need to be cautious as Christians because it leads us down the path of self-righteousness and fleshy desires that will distract our spirit.

I became curious about what my other mom friends thought about this. To my surprise, they all said they don't do it, or they don't know-how. One of my friends said she wants to have fun, but she doesn't even know what that means for herself. My reactions to their statements made me decide to write this blog because it's so important as mothers that our well-being is enacted, not just for others but also for enacted God. What I mean about being well is our mind, body, and soul serving God.

Jesus- is our self- Care:

WE Can learn to self-care from Jesus. Jesus is the true definition of self-care that we can engage and not escape. When we escape, we are still holding on to the baggage. We are running away from it and now becoming healed or restored by it.

When we have a hard day at work or life gets complicated and stressful, we often want to unplug. Unplugging from the noise of society is a good thing. But today’s self-care leaves it at just unplugging. I know I do this a lot; unplugging for me is procrastination. Godly self-care means unplugging, but plugging back into something bigger. When we unplug, we need to plug into our real energy source, who is Jesus.

Jesus leaves the massive crowds to find solitude. In these times, however, Jesus does not twiddle His thumbs. He spends time in prayer. He is resting and getting back the energy they need by going to the father.

Proper self-care means casting our anxieties on Him because He cares for us (1 Peter 5:7).

When you feel the urge to unplug, direct your mind to the hope you have in God. Leave your problems there. Be reminded that your issues can be answered with hope. By plugging into this hope, you can find the rest you need.

'Early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left [the house], and went out to a secluded place, and was praying there. ' Mark 1:35