Seeking God During Feelings of PMAD

Updated: Sep 13

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When I was going through such a tough time during my pregnancy and after giving birth to my third child Jabari :) I was still struggling with depression.

First and far most, what is PMAD? PMAD is a Prenatal mood and anxiety disorder that can occur during pregnancy and postpartum phases. Symptoms are Prenatal depression, postpartum depression, mood swings, and anxiety. It can also affect close and extend family members as well.

So, I began to search for some help, and I came across a group that was holding a virtual prayer meeting. I needed prayer because I felt so hopeless and so lost. I was happy that I joined that prayer group because I met some wonderful people who really encouraged me and supported me during my postpartum phase.

One person, in particular, (I can now call a friend.) Rochelle Mason was very nice to counsel me, and as a gift, she sent me her book, called “The Seek Challenge.” We talked weekly, she gave guidance, and mostly she prayed with me. It was here that I started to feel reconnected to God, and I began to get back into my normal prayer routine. When I finally received her book, I wasn't sure what it entailed, but when I opened it, and it really touched my heart.

At first, I thought there would be a lot of work, but it actually got me through my depression. The purpose of the book is to seek God every day. In each chapter it entails steps on how to seek God.

I know, I know in the middle of a pandemic, I just gave birth and had a very traumatizing birthing experience. Why would I seek anything! I have so much on my plate, but God showed me a different perspective. This is what He showed me.

When I felt hopeless and lost, I needed God. Because I needed God, that's seeking God. God is there to help us with everything we are going through. The bible says this, Roman 8: 28 "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." In Psalm 54:4, "Behold, God is my helper; the Lord is the upholder of my life."

So I dedicated 21 days of seeking God to get deeper in my relationship with Him fully. What I experienced was so much peace, comfort, and mostly self-care. I turned out to be a different type of person. I spent 15 minutes each day reading, praying, meditating

and learning scriptures.

Why is it important to seek God:

I think it's important to seek God because He showed us who we are in Christ Jesus. God has given us purpose, a calling, and meaning. When we put God first, we allow him to take over the things in our lives.

I could not get through my depression without God. I didn't have the strength at all, but what I did learn was that in my weakness and in my time of hopelessness, He became my strength. When spending time with God, I learn about His hope, His love, His plan, and mostly His will.

How I seek God:

As I read “ The Seek Challenge,” I prayed and found scriptures that spoke to me and truly meditated on that scripture. I also took active steps to help me get closer to God.

For example, I needed to stop worrying about everything I could not control. God was showing me that when I trust in Him, he will take care of me and that I can cast all my cares on him. As I began to study deeper into the Word. I learn that worry is an evil spirit, and the enemy wants me to worry so I would not rely on God. My action step was to resight a scripture out loud and affirm "God, I refuse to worry, and I put this situation in your hands." While doing my other roles, I did this, taking care of the kids, cleaning, feeding my son, working, or even during my quiet time.

After I finished the book, I felt like a new person, and God spoke to me about what I experienced during my whole pregnancy. That is all turned out for my good. Because of such a hard experience and while seeking God, I am in service to minister to other mothers who experience what I went through.

I believe that "The Seek Challenge Book" is a great tool for expecting moms and postpartum moms because it helps us be in a relationship with God, and the task of seeking God doesn't take much work. Most of the work of it very mental.

Moms, Our mental well-being is important, and we need to make sure that we take care of mental health. God is such a great caregiver for us.

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