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4 Valuable tips on Improving Emotions for Moms

Listening to your body -

The body is a source of physical response to something that is happening . It can be good or bad .

For example, I ate a lot of cakes and candy - my body will respond with a stomach ache or a toothache, because of what I put into it.

Another example: if I am stressed or worried , my body might respond with struggling to sleep or tension in muscles, because of what my mind is thinking about.

When you listen to the cue of your body you get a better understanding of what is going on . Sometimes we might not even know that we are doing something until it shows up in the body.

If you have trouble identifying your emotions. Sit still, focusing on your breathing, incorporate small little movements, such circling different body parts. ( play with the rhythms going slow or fast , whatever is comfortable for you) Swaying different body parts, Touch responds, such as embracing or tapping yourself. Then spend time thinking of the emotions that you are having issues with. Think of emotions that you feel good with. Lastly create a movement for each emotions. After all of this spend time reflecting what you in-tune with your body.

Meditate on Scripture -

Meditating on scripture until you can fully embody it.

Meditation looks different for everyone. For us christian, God meets us where we are and gives us tools on how to spend time with him. Click out here to read my other blog Types Scriptures Meditation Moms Can Do.

Find scriptures on emotions and spend time reading these scripture over and over.

Choses word/s or phrases that stand out and pray about them. This is a good time to write them down. By doing this we see that God’s words give us instructions how to deal with our feelings.

In the Book of Job, Job was all in his feelings, He lost everything, even friends were not encouraging or supportive to how he was feeling, yet in the whole book of Job Inwardly and outwardly Job express his feelings.

He expressed hurt, pain, anger, sadness., yet he also express, joy trust and faith in God as well. He still spoke to God, gave his request to God.

We don't have to be ashamed, or embarrassed, yet I understand this does happens :) which is a process, but we can be honest and take a moment to realize God sees you in all of the mess, in all the mix feelings.

The hardest part about getting emotionally healthy is our human senses kicks in . We see and hear people more than we Hear from God. That why its important to stay connect and work o our relationship with God. I encourage you to switch your narrative. Switch it to see more of God.


Journaling- Write it down

I know , I know that every mama is not into writing, but there are other things to that define journaling. Such as drawing , coloring, record yourself what you are feeling.

You will start to see what is going on, and what you need to work on or what you need to change.

  • Social Support- Having someone to talk to and be your support is important in order to process and reflect on your feelings.

I speak to a good friend who gives me godly counsel and support. I love her so much.

Cathy B- Health Educator


I know how hard it can be entering or being in motherhood , yet God is God who gives us all that we need.

I encourage to start small and pace yourself on working on your heart.

Stay encouraged

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